My Silly Magical Story

"You can do it Ah Shee!" said my employer with her eyes glued to mine.

Followed by five couples, they asked me to tell a story that I have made for the little girl I am taking care of.

I was all wet, cold sweat, really. I've never been pushed to do this kind of thing, not in front of many adults.

Yes it's true that I used to read the story to my little girl(I am taking care of), but one day she got so bored with all of the stories I read to her from her story books.

"Own story cece, own story," she pleaded to me on that day.

My head was totally blank at that moment, empty. I was in the same state for 5-6 minutes, puzzled. But somehow I managed to arrange some words into sentences, and from sentences into story. I was telling her the story, silly magical story. I didn't even give it a title. The story has been her favorite ever since I read for her last week. That means, I have been telling this silly magical story for the entire week.

And now, here, in front of 5 couples and my mam(my boss), 9 kids aged 2,5 to 6 years and 5 maids(domestic helper from Philippine) I have to start again. It was not easy, I felt so nervous.

"Focus Ah Shee, don't mention about us, just think that you are telling the story to the kids only," said my mam(employer).

And that is what exactly I did, and everything went smooth, just like that, like I have nothing to weigh me down at all. You know, it's easier to tell something to kids. You only need to to look at their eyes and smile, and if they smile back to you everything will be a lot easier.

"Far far away, in the very top of the mountain, there was an old castle, I started my story.
"And there lived a witch, an owl and a cat. And then they sleep, and then they woke up, and then..." said Katelyn, my little girl.

"Katelyn! Let cece tell the story!" snapped my mam.

"I wanna help Ah Shee cece, tell the story," she answered plainly. Her face was so innocent and her eyes were not blinking at all, wondering what she has done wrong.

"Yes, but now we want to listen to Ah Shee cece first, there will be your turn to tell the story, okay?" the mam explained.


I started to tell the story again from the very beginning, my story was like this:

Far far away, in the very top of the mountain there was an old castle.

There lived a witch, an owl and a cat.

One night they were sleeping in the very very deep sleep. And all of sudden the cuckoo jumped up and shouted.


They woke up. Stretched up, opened a big mouth….


The first to jump up was the witch, and she said:

“Good morning!”

Then the owl.

“Oo…Oo…Good morning!” said the owl.

And last was the cat

“Meow…meow…good morning!” said the cat with the eyes slightly open.

They made their bed, tidied up the bed and when they have finished they went down the stairs. First went the witch, followed by the owl and the last one was the cat.

When they got to the bottom of the stairs, they went to the cauldron.

“Time for breakfast!” they said instantly.

Into the cauldron they threw 3 eggs, 2 pieces of chocolate, 4 frogs and 2 smelly fish. And they stirred and stirred and stirred and said the magic word.

“Abracadabra, widelwiwii, smack cracrocrop, make breakfast for three!”

Oh no! But something went terribly wrong! Up from inside the cauldron jumped the giant green stegosaurus. Then the stegosaurus chased everyone around the kitchen. They ran and ran and ran away from the stegosaurus. They ran and ran and ran and ran and the stegosaurus went out into the garden.

When he got to the garden, he ate all of the pretty flowers and all of the ripe plums. And when he was finished he went fast a sleep. He was sleeping so deeply because he was so full.

The witch, owl and the cat went back to into the kitchen to make another magic spell to see that they could chase the stegosaurus away.

The put in 3 smelly fish, 2 pieces of chocolate, a bottle of milk and they stirred and stirred and stirred and they say the magic word.

“Abracadabra, wigellywoo, ziggalizag, ziggadizoo!”

Oh no! But something went terribly wrong. They turn into 3 little mice. They went out of the kitchen into the garden where the stegosaurus was fast asleep. And the stegosaurus woke up. He saw the mice and he said: “I am scared of the mice!”

And he ran away. And the mice chased after him, out of the garden and out of the castle.

The mice went back to the kitchen. They were circling the cauldron. Then they jumped right into the spell and they drunk and drunk and drunk everything, until there was nothing to be seen left. And with the last abracadabra, up jumped the witch, up jumped the owl and up jumped the cat. They climbed up the stairs and they were very tired. And they went back to sleep.

"Good night," said the witch.

"Oo...Oo... Good night," said the owl.

"Meow...meow... Good night," said the cat.

And that is the end of the story.

There was loud claps after I finished my story, and when I saw those innocent eyes of the kids, their eyes were glittering in a happy tune. Did my story make them happy? Huhhh...silly magical story huh?!

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  1. i believe you have a talent to be a storyteller.

  2. Terima kasih kerana singgah di laman saya. Kalau mau berpantun datanglah ke

    I too believe you are a good storyteller.

    I would suggest that you start writing your stories and maintain your originality.

    It would make an interesting collection.

  3. to bangyoes & saiee driss
    thank u, terimakasih....


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