Proposal Cinta

Loving some one is very hard. The learning curve could be so steep. It's hard to say right or wrong. It's always comes in a mixture of sweetness and bitterness. Patience is one thing, comprise is another.

The thing that I hate most about a relationship is that the feeling of being afraid to offend the other person. I guess there is no such thing called honesty in this world. Sometimes, telling lies is a must, which I hate to do it!! Why should two people in love tell lies to each other? And then, sometimes truth cuts like a knife. So, what should we do? how are we gonna get the balance?

I sometimes got very frustrated and I will dislike myself very much. I will blame myself for not being able to control myself, or the situation. You see, it's the sense of incapability, feeling like I am a real loser. That hurts.
While one person is breaking the walls and the other is building blocks, that won't work. I guess this is not what we are though, thanks God!

May be I should just say less? May be I am scared, feeling so cold all of sudden. Then, I will say to myself, "hey, not only me need support and understanding, you need that too" The two "MEs" are fighting. Trying to find the way out.

You see, I do need more from you so to understand you more. Or I don't want to know coz I m trying to hide away from the truth. This is very scary. Wanting to know, but afraid to know.

I have no idea why I love you so. With you I see the different world. You are like salt and pepper to me. You spice up my tasteless life. To that, I thank you.

I dunno how can I keep you here with me. My strategy is you. I dunno how either. Trial and error, that's the only way, I suppose. Just hope that I won't make big mistakes.

I am not sure if you are the one, again, trial and error.

Yes we should love like we never been hurt. And yes, it's easy to say. To do? Deep down inside we are scared to lose, to get hurt.

I didn't chose to meet you, but I chose to make this relationship to develop. No words can describe or tell how much you mean to me. Sound like a joke huh? but it is true. I am inviting you to join me. I am inviting you to be part of my future. You make this all complete. No matter what, please stay with me.



Buseeeeeeeettttt, bingung mau di masukin kategori apa. Cerpen, bukan. Puisi, kepanjangen. Prosa,apaan tuh? Mumetzz!!

3 komentar :

  1. aduh ini menarik banget....

    sayang bhs inggris aku minim banget


    kalo boleh tau bahasa inggrisnya proposal cinta apa ya mbak?

    terus boleh gak aku tau bahasa indonesianya semua diatas, biar aku mengerti semua,abis minim bgt bhs inggrisku

    makasi ya mba'

  2. walah2 masak dirimu kalah oleh babu...??

  3. mba'

    ini juga lagi belajar internetan

    di ajari ama mbak mbak penjaga warnet...

    kan pingin belajar..gimana bikin tulisan yg bagus...apalagi pake bhs inggris

    jelasin dunk ..ya???


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