My Silly Puppet Show: Tails and Wings

Kids nowadays doesn't need any nanny. Just give them ipad and they will be happy. They will glue to it and play all sort of games or simply go to youtube and fill their heart content with the movies they love.

This is so pathetic fact how they have been spoiled by the latest invention. Unfortunetly parent often doesn't realize the impact of this, but the nanny will.

The spoiled kids will not listen to any advise, they won't do homework, they won't go to bath, they won't eat well and the worst of all, they don't need to socialize. They don't want to play with their friends. They were sitting next to each other, eyes on the ipad screen without blinking and without any word to each other at all. This is so sickening. I hate it so much. To my opinion, kids are supposed to play together, not to see the ipad together. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it with the biggest capital ever: I--H A T E--I T!!

In order to win the girl's heart, I try to do all sort of fun and funny things. Like making a starbuck coffee, play pretend school, pet shop, doctor play, teach her how to do silly dance (I mix all sorts of music then make up the dance move) or doing puppet show. This last thing is the one that I want to tell you guys. My puppet show was so silly, almost like the one in the movie and won the girl's heart. Just read this silly puppet show story, the title is "Tails and Wings".

Well, I use anything, the recycle things to make 4 mermaids and 2 fairies and a monster. The mermaids and fairies are from wooden buttons, strings, glittery papers. And the stage is made from paper bag with decorations here and there. The monster is made from an old sock. And This is the story (I should have video it huh!)

by Cece (cece means kakak in Indonesian)

It was a sunny day, Amy and Lucy were going to the fairy land. Amy and Lucy are the smartest fairies in fairy land and they were just given a new house from the fairy queen. The house was given as a prize because Amy and Lucy has won the fairy queen's riddle.

They flew to the east from morning till noon. It was so hot and the two fairies decided not to fly anymore. They took fliying taxi instead!

"It saves our energy, right Amy?" said Lucy.

Lucy was not answering. She was busy looking out of the window. It was quiet for ten minutes then suddenly Lucy scream.

"Oh My God!"

"What? Oh My God what?" asked Amy.

"Just look around silly! Fairy land has been changed. It's double beautiful," said Lucy with her mouth opened.

Finaly, the fliying taxi stopped in front of a green house. After they paid the taxi fare with two golden rose petals, they went to that house. They ran past the small garden then opened the door.

They were so happy because the house was so fully furnished. The beautiful paintings were hanging on the wall, the soft pillows were put so neatly on the enormous sofa. They moved around the house and touched every kind of things. They were touching the wall then suddenly they stopped, they noticed a door with the funny handle. "Is it the secret door the queen was telling us?" asked Lucy. Amy raised her shoulders, she has no idea.

The funny handle was shaped like an ear and you had to twist the ear to open the secret door.

Amy opened the door sloowwly. The smell of sea and the sound of the waves were all that they can smell and hear at first. Then like magic, a beach appeared in front of them.

Fairies were not suppose to get wet, because when they got wet they could not fly. But Amy and Lucy didn't care. When they were small, they used to play secretly at the beach together. And to see the beautiful beach was like they were dragged in to sweet old memories. Soon they were fliying to the beach.

They were fliying then running a long the beach like old times. But then they were stopped by the loud sound of water splashing. "Splash!!"

Then followed by another bigger splash. "SPLAASSHH!!!"

Amy's and Lucy's wings got wet, by now they really cannot fly. They can only walk slowly because when the fairy wings got wet they were extremely heavy. Amy and Lucy were worried. Their face were pale, their feet got stuck on the sand.

And then another splash with glittering tail appeared. And then two beautiful heads popped up from the water. One with long purple hair and yellow tail and the other one with thick orange hair and blue tail. They were mermaid!

"Hello," said the long purple hair and yellow tail mermaid.

"Do we scare you?" asked the thick orange hair and blue tail mermaid.

The mermaid were so friendly, Amy and Lucy were not so scare anymore.

"So. are you mermaid?" asked Amy.

"Yes," answered long purple hair and yellow tail mermaid.

"And you can talk?" asked Lucy.

The two mermaids laughed, their teeth were so white, so even and so shiny.

"Of course," said the thick orange hair and blue tail mermaid.

"I am Elenour and she is my sister Angel, who are you?" said the thick orange hair and blue tail mermaid.

"I am Amy and she is my best friend, Lucy," said Amy.

"You are so amazing, your tails are so pretty," said Amy.

"Thank you," said Elenour.

"You know, we always wish that one day we could swim. Even we said our wish when we saw the shooting star, but it never happened," said Lucy sadly.

"You can!" said Angel.

"We can?" asked Amy.

"Yes. I can give you one of my scales then you can prick your feet with it then you can grow tail, but it's only temporary," said Angel.

"Yeah, it will hurt a bit but it's ok, not big harm," said Elenour.

'Really?" said Amy and Lucy.

"Yes. You wanna try?" asked Angel.

"Oh... Can we? Can we? Please help us," pleaded Amy.

"OK, wait. Let me pull out one of my scales,"said Angel.

" are an angel," said Amy to Angel.

"I am Angel," said Angel, laughing. They all were laughing.

Angel gave one shinny yellow scale to Amy and Elanour gave one shinny blue scale to Lucy. The next minute Amy and Lucy pricked their feet with the scale then the smoke came out from their legs then the very next minute, tails appeared!

Amy and Lucy fell down to the beach, they were wiggling and gigling so much, they were so happy.

"Let's swim," said Angel.

"Waaitt!" said Lucy.

"Can we dive? Can we swim under water?" asked Lucy.

"Yeah... Can we breath?" asked Amy.

"Ups! Sorry! I forgot. Put this on, you can also call us with this, just whisper to it," said Angel. She gave her shell necklace to Amy. Elanour gave hers to Lucy.

"Thank you," said Amy and Lucy.

"Remember, it's temporary. Only until midnight," said Angel.

"We will fremember," said amy.

They were all swimming in the ocean. Amy and Lucy saw all kind of fishes and corals. Amy was so scare to see big shark but Angel were quickly talk to shark in the fish language then the shark swam away.

"Thank you," said Amy.

"You are wellcome. Don't swim too far a way from us. you are not used to swim and this place is new to you" said Angel.

They swam some more until Amy and Lucy were getting better at swimming.

Then they also play hide and seek in the ocean. Amy and Lucy were so happy, they swam further and further then they got lost. They didn't know wich way to go. They just swam until they saw a big hammer head shark swam towards them then quickly they swam inside a small cave. But the shark was still there, so they decided to swim deeper in to the cave.

Suddenly there is a loud sound. "Bang!"

"A trap! We are trapped," Amy panicked.

"Heeelpp...! Heellpp,...!!" they screamed

Lucy was about to cry when she saw a big shadow appeared. They scream. "Aaaaaaarrrggggg...!!"

"I can smell wings and legs here. You are not fish. What are you doing here! What are you?" asked the gost fish to them. The ghost fish is the under water palace keeeper. And that cave is entrance to the palace. And the ghost fish is the one who is guarding it.

"We are fairies, from fairy land," said Amy.

"They why aren't you fliying? Why areu you here? are you spying to us huh!" asked the ghost fish.

"We ...we... we... are Angel and Elenour's friend. They granted our wish to be a mermaid for one day," answered Lucy.

"The princesses? Impossible!" said the ghost.

"We are not lying. Please let us go, we will be fairy again in two hours. And fairy can not swim or breath under water. Please let us go, plesee...," pleaded Amy.

"If you are the real princesses friend, call her! Call he now!"

"We can not call her, we don't know how. We don't know if she can hear us," said Amy, she were crying.

"Call her!" said gost fish.

Amy and Lucy were triying so hard to call Angel and Elenour. The were screaming, shouting Angel and Elenour's name until they were out of breath. They can only say in a very low voice because they were so tired of calling.

"Angel... Elenour.... We are trapped at the cave, we need your help. Please come," whispered Amy.

"Angel, Elenour, the ghost fish caught us here, we need to go outta here, and it's almost midnight. Please come and save us," whispered Lucy.

Suddenly there was a sound of water rushing towards the cave, then suddenly Angel and Elenour were in front of them.

"Amy! Lucy! Why were you so far away from us? We were so worried," said Angel.

"Angel! Elenour! We are so sorry, but now we are trapped, please help us out," said Lucy.

"Uncle ghost fish, they are our new friend, please let them out," said Elenour to the ghost fish.

"I am so sorry princess, I didnt know that," said the gost fish.

The trap sprung, opened, and the friends hugged each other.

"One more hour! Hurry! We'll let you see our home then go back to the beach," say Elenour.

The four friends swam with the highest speed around the palace then went straight back up to the surface just in time. It's midnight, Amy's and Lucy's tails dissappeared, and got her legs and wings back.

"Thank you so much," said Lucy and Amy.

"You are wellcome," said Angel and Elenour.

"I give you back your necklace," said Amy.

"Keep it. Those are our gift to our new friends," said Angel.

Amy and Lucy smiled at each other then they took out their purse and gave two golden rose petals to Angel and Elenour.

"For you, so that so can remember us," said Amy to the mermaids.

"And we will always remember you," said Lucy.

"Can we meet up again one day?" asked Amy.

"Every full moon, by this beach. Please come to visit us again," said Angel.

"We will. Surely will," said Amy.

"Bye Angel, bye Elenour," said Lucy.

With the last sad goodbye the new friends went to different directions. Angel and Elenour has got to go back to their palace while Amy and Lucy walked back to the secret door and in to the house.

The End.


"I am so sory for my bad English, I have tried my best. Saran dan kritik are wellcome."

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  1. your english is so fine! at least is better than mine :p

    if i were a kid, i'd beg God to send me a nanny like you! i love this story very much! <3

  2. Saya bolak-balik buka kamus baca tulisan ini. Kok, apal to kosa kata sebanyak itu?

  3. Btw, itu pathenic ato pathetic? Saya nyari kata pathenic di kamus nggak ada T___T

  4. hehe..makasih..dan makasih atas kejelian dan koreksinya...

  5. @ck, thank you, terimakasih, masih belajar...

  6. Your english much more better than most of graduate student from university in indonesia..keep it up..just post your story in english.

  7. Just knew your blog this morning, and a seven letter word for your blog is A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

  8. @havez &Chris, thank you..thank you...still learning...
    salam kenal ya...

  9. Salam kenal mba Rie Rie.. saya Ariane, kebetulan kerja sebagai guru untuk anak2 kecil. Ide nya kreatif sekali, sangat inspiratif. Terus berkarya Mba :)

  10. what a really wonderful story. You should be a kindergarten teacher, not a housemaid!


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